Our kittens are brought up with love and affection in our non-smoking small family home. Most kittens don't start showing their personalities until after 2-3 months of age.

Kittens are taken to our licensed veterinarian at 2 months old for their first check ups, their first set of kitten fvrcp vaccines and de-worming.

Kitten's Health? This is a private small family home cattery and in order to keep our kittens/cats healthy, parasite free and bacterium/virus free, we prefer and try to keep visits to a minimum therefore we prefer to set up your kitten visits after first Vet check up after 2 months old.

For the security of our cats health, we try not to offer visits of our cattery as Infection can become life-threatening for our new litters. We try to keep our cattery as clean as we can to ensure that we only provide healthy kittens to our future adoptive kitty parents. Certain viruses can be transported by clothes, shoes, hands and some of these can survive for months in the environment.

Infected cats can become permanent carriers of certain types of infection. We provide the best care to strengthen their immune system. It is rather complicated to eradicate a disease in a multi-cat home especially when pregnant Queens can't be given medication to avoid exposure for the fetuses.

We permit a visit to a buyer for kitten viewing and choosing your kitten after first Vet check up and vaccines are given which is usually after 2 months old. We then take precautions to avoid contamination. This is not to be rude with people but really to protect our beloved Rare Cats >The Egyptian Maus. With this said we apologize for any inconvenience. We do provide pictures after their first month just to give you an idea what they look like.

For best pick of the litter? Kittens should be chosen after 2 months of age either by picture or in person because that is when you can see their coat pattern spots best and their baby fur fuzz is going away.

Breeder Kitten/Cat? If kitten is being sold/adopted out as a Breeder cat? Kitten/cat can be picked up in person after 10 weeks of age or shipped after 4 months old.

Breeding Rights? KITTENS adopted out with Breeding Rights price is $3000CAD each (Breeding Mentoring Free).

, Please note: In order for us to give you the best breeder kittens please give us 6 months notice so we can plan our litters accordingly. Deposit to hold a breeder kitten is $1000. This will be put towards the kitten price..


Pet/Companion/show/kitten price: FIRST OPTION $1500CAD ON A PROMISE TO NEUTER/SPAY LATER Pet Health Agreement/Contract and vaccinated according to age.. You may pick up your kitten after 10 weeks old.

OR SECOND OPTION(best option)$2250 male or $2500 female, already neutered/spayed, 2-3 Veterinarian check ups, all FVRCP kitten vaccines, Rabies Vaccine and first feline leukemia vaccine Booster. Kittens need 1 to 2 weeks healing time from their neuter/spay surgery. Boarding Charge while kittens are healing from their surgery is included in this price. You may pick up your kitten after 3 &half months old or we can ship to you after 4 months old.

About kitten deposits and payments? We can accept a monthly payment plan if this helps you? however kittens must be paid in full 1MONTH prior to shipping if kitten is being shipped? or bring cash to your kitten pick ups. The deposit for kittens is $500CAD to hold you in sequence for any kittens in said litter or to be put on our waiting list. We honour all deposits in date sequence as they come in!. Deposits are non refundable but may be put towards any future litters.


Shipping? Yes we can ship within North America for an extra charge of $1000+ plus! for flight, transportation to Airport, cat carrier, bedding, Health Certificate for customs reasons and any Vet charges shipping requires? ...

If you need more information,have questions, suggestions or concerns? We always love and are happy to hear kitty stories so please contact us jewelsnile@live.com